Removal Work

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has signed a law amending the Labour Code of the Russian Federation and the Law on Electronic Signatures, which legitimizes the notion of remoteness or remoteness in Russia. Remote work

The document recognizes the work in which a staff member is away from a fixed workplace controlled by the employer personally or through representatives, and the link between the worker and the employer is maintained through public information and telecommunications networks, including the Internet.

The working time and rest period shall be set by the employee at his/her discretion.

The amendments made provide that a work contract on remote work and agreement on the modification of the terms of the labour contract on remote work by the parties may be concluded through the exchange of electronic documents. At the same time, as the place of conclusion of a labour contract on remote work, agreements to amend the terms of the labour contract on remote work specified by the parties indicate the location of the employer.

In addition, it is established that the employer shall, no later than three calendar days from the date of the conclusion of the contract of employment, send a mail letter to the remote worker, with notice, a duly recorded copy of the contract of employment on the paper bearer.

Documents for the conclusion of a labour contract (passport, ILS, work book, military records, education documents) may be submitted to the employer by a remote worker in the form of an electronic document. At the employer ' s request, the person is obliged to send him by mail to a registered letter with notarized certified copies of the documents on the paper bearer.

It is noted that if a work contract on remote work is made by the exchange of electronic documents by the person entering into a work contract, the person receives a State pension insurance certificate on his own.

According to the agreement of the parties to the remote work contract, work may not be entered into a workbook of a remote worker, and when a work contract is concluded, for the first time a workbook of a remote worker may not be published. In these cases, the main document on the employment and working experience of a remote worker is a copy of the employment contract.

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