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funny-cloud-computingOnline-ofis allows a full-time job for any computer with Internet access. Modern " exposed " technologies no longer need to worry about the security of important documents, the compatibility of software and the availability of working files at the right time. But can online tools offer all the necessary user functional?

Online documentation with Microsoft Web Apps

This online office has been created by the designer of the most popular disktop office package, and the fact is already encouraging the quality of the service. Unfortunately, the existence of Microsoft Web Apps in the form of Office 365 has caused some limited functionality of the package. Microsoft Web Apps is common in the Office of 2007 and subsequent desktop phosics of ribbon-interface, allows HTTP links to retained presentations, but can only work with Microsoft, as well as TXT and RTF. However, the service is integrated with the Microsoft SkyDrive Repository, which is why 7 HBs are immediately available to the user.

Service reference:

Google Docs

Online-ofis developed by Google offers the user a text editor, a tabloid processor and a presentation tool. Functional and user-friendly Google Docs services are one of the best. The application interface aims to save screen space, but the developers were able to place service boards on the menu. Google Docs is capable of working with the Open Document files, as well as the Microsoft decision, allows for public access to presentations.

Processing online Think Free Online

To use this service, it is not necessary to register - copying is possible through the Google account. In its interface, Think Free Online reminds Microsoft Office 2003 that those who have never been able to get used to the ribbon interface of the late editions of the opis. Think Free Online is doing great with the import of documents and offers 286 different printers more than all the other services considered together. They want to work with the documents on their smartphone or tablet can download the mobile Android application.

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