Создание сайтов в Харькове

Web Site Development

Through your internship, you will be able to participate in real projects, see the results of your work on the website or on the websites of other projects of our studio. First of all, the internship is designed to train you to work with clients, to set up CMS Joomla sites, to develop search engines and to promote sites.

As a result, you will have a great opportunity to determine the scope of interest and show yourself, and if you like it, you'll get a permanent job at the OOO International Technology.

During your internships, you will work on training and combat tasks, communicate with our staff and clients, learn how the Internet Technology Company works to build sites, make suggestions, and put into practice interesting ideas.

Students, students, postgraduates, university graduates, housewives and persons with disabilities can be candidates for internships. Words are everyone who has the free time and desire to learn how to do websites. Work experience is absolutely unnecessary.

Internship may continue A few months to a year, depending on how quickly you learn to carry out the tasks.

Conditions of internship: homework on its computer, free schedule, wages.

Internship selection is competitive and consists of two stages.

Phase I - consideration of applications. We'll be sure to answer you, whether or not we'll invite you to the interview. The deadline is three weeks from the date of receipt of the application.

Phase II is a personal interview of the first-stage candidates with our company. If you live in another city, we'll talk to you on the phone.

I'm a student. Can I combine study and internship?

Yeah. You will determine the workload and time schedule for yourself.

Will I have a vacation during the session?

During the session, we can take a break in the internship or work on a schedule that is convenient to you. It's important that we don't interrupt your study.

When is the internship?

Internship recruitment takes place all the time.

Do I have to pay for the internship?

No, you don't. On the contrary, we pay you.

How fast can I get to a permanent job at the OOO Enterprise Technology?

The length of the internship depends on you. If you learn how quickly to deal with your tasks and show yourself up, you'll be able to move to a permanent job at the OOO International Technology before the deadlines set at the beginning of your internship.

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