Сколько стоит наполнение

Remote Work Of The Adjuster


  • absolute literacy,
  • Philological education
  • Responsibility,
  • organized
  • Daily/day capacity to read at least 50,000 signs without gaps.

The work of the home adjuster has the advantage of:

  • A self-sustaining schedule of work,
  • Timely and clear payment,
  • The wages depend solely on your abilities and capabilities (5 rubles per 1,000 without gaps).

The corrector ' s responsibility is to correct in the text the errors of paragraph, orthographic, stylicy, grammar and other nature. It is also necessary to check the texts for conformity of the TK (the presence/no keys).

We draw your attention to the fact that the nomination is being considered within one month of the date of receipt of the application. Be prepared to perform the test task (no more than 2,000 characters). We reserve the right not to argue or comment on the decision not to accept your candidacy on our team.

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