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Как заработать на YouTube
  1. YouTube's partner program.
  2. Make it online.
  3. Pay for real goods (including info products).
  4. Make money on the market. YouTube in Plibber
  5. Make a commercial in your YouTube video.

Okay, let's see each of the ways to be more detailed.

1. YouTube partnership earnings

The idea of this way of earning is that youTube pays you for every act of a man who has seen the video on your channel. The amount of earnings is 50 per cent of the value of advertising.

пример рекламы на YouTubeHow much can I make?

I'll show you the example:

Suppose you had 1,000 views, of which 10% (10 people) clicked on the ad. We'll take the value of the commercial 0, $5 per click. So the ad brought $5 $ (10 x 0.5 $ = $5). Of that amount, youTube takes 50 per cent, it's $2.5, you get 50 per cent, too, $2.5.

If you had 10,000 views, you'd get $25. Well, if 1 million views, it's $2,500! By the way, a lot of people would seem to be using simple videos to get a lot of viewing. For example:

Checks - 78,536 914!

Like Max from +100500 with his multi-million-dollar searches earns very decent money every day, or vice versa... Consider it yourself...

Как заработать на YouTube:пример рекламы на YouTube 2How do you become a partner?

♪ To this end, you need to register with the YouTube partnership program.

♪ You should only create an original copycat. It is not possible to borrow other people's video stories. So record the video on your own, even though you're on a cell phone, even if you're on a camera, there's no restriction yet.

♪ You should be the owner of all the audio and video content you're loading on YouTube (for violating this rule, you'll simply not be admitted to partners or expelled if you break it later). If you create the video yourself (and there should be no problem in this), the use of audio and music can make you difficult. In order not to violate YouTube, audio and music must be free (Creative Commons). Where do you find such music? First advice is to use the music that youTube offers in the video manager when you download your video, there's enough musical fragments. The second board, if you decided to make original music for your video, there are free archives on the Internet with free circulation music, I recommend the following:

♪ You have to set up and post your videos on a regular basis. One time a week will be enough. But the more often the better.

Plibber - заработок на Ютубе Как стать первым на YouTube
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