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Dom-work-house is a formula in the mouths of most people. In those words, it's grieving, desperation, despair... It's a synonym for life failure, a meschenic household and limitedness. "A real life is seen as a whole-of-a-kind adventure-- to remember and not, to say, painfully.

♪ Life's got me in the frame. I think there's a wife, kids, a job. But it's like something important passes by. I've got a fourth ten... - the client's losing his head. - Is this how it ends? Some kind of Surk Day.

♪ What would you like?

♪ There are people who can get out of this circle. New impressions, acquaintances, countries, adventures... Crazy, finally.

I'm reminded of Andrei Mugkov's hero from the Irony of Destiny movie. He's talking about his fiancée, "How do I imagine she'll settle in this room and spend her whole life swinging in front of her eyes out there and out there..." and going to Leningrad. It's not just that he's dreaming of getting out of the "depressing household." It's about not loving your fiancée Gale.

Let's be honest, which one of us would want to be homeless, unemployed and alone? No wish? Then let's try to figure out why we're being betrayed by this home--work-house.

Actually, the house is a place where a man does his own world. This is expressed at a variety of levels, ranging from the choice of rims and curtains to the creation of a climate of trust in the family. Your home requires constant attention and the a priori cannot be monotonous, the same, boring. It's different if it's a stranger's house. For example, those who set their own rules there. Or the house is owned by a wife, and the wife's relationship is long gone or they've become painful. But then it's not a house, it's a nightcap.

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