Работа волонтером за границей

Remote Work Abroad

Sometimes he's changed and looks like,Can we find work abroad without leaving the FM?" or " Is it necessary to try to find work outside the Russian Federation while you're at the Russian Federation? " The link to Russia is not binding, written from London. The main one must be Russian and mentality, which prevents a candidate from seeking employment.

Regrettably, there is almost always a single fact that accompanying information in such letters is very little. I even wrote a sarcastic post on this subject, where I gathered all idiotic and not very questions in one quasi-language, and partly answered them.

Ask me if I can find work. " - this general character - it is similar to " God " or " Rusie to live well " . As you understand yourself, these questions are rhetorical, and it is not possible to answer them, precisely because of the lack of information on your specific situation.

However, find a job outside the Russian Federation, permanently residing in the Russian Federation, possible and real - such cases are not even unique, they are dating together and around, with people of different ages and in different life situations. And that doesn't always mean that it's only possible for the Aishnikovs - I personally know a lot of simple professions that have successfully settled in a new place. They are likely to be simply less in the intranet forums.

Another question is that the duration and complexity of this process depends on what particular work you plan to look for, on what specialty, in what field, like you and English, what is your accessibility to a potential interview, whether you can move within a reasonable time and so on, and so on. A lot of nuances, as you can see.

In general, the situation is such: the majority of employers is reluctant to consider candidates outside their State.

Why is that so?

The reasons are:

  • The visa process may last for months,
  • Candidates will start demanding " subtractive " for relocation,
  • Moreover, the lack of opportunity to meet and to personally see what kind of person is making the situation difficult.

It should be understood that in countries with a legal system working, the right to a mistake under labour law is very small: It's hard to fire a man.expensive and tornotic.

They hire " with partiality " . Several personal interviews (two to five) help reduce the likelihood of error. The interview normally consists of several phases and may include meetings with a wide range of team representatives, from management to technical expertise.

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