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Заработок на Форекс (Forex) в Украине отзывыHello! In this publication, I will try to answer this question in an accessible language:Forex money is real or fantasy?♪ I'll get real feedback on Forex from different forums, some feedback is very optimistic and some are very sad. I will also analyse the development of the Forex market in Ukraine and Russia.
I recommend that this article be read to the end, and for special lazy, at least the last section, "How do you get on Forex?"

Forex money is real or fantasy.

I'll start with a brief tour in history. Everything has started since the President of the United States of America, R. Nixon, decided in 1971 that the United States Government refuses to convert the dollar into gold (i.e. refuses the gold standard).

отзывы о forex от трейдеровThis decision has served to create a new economic direction, which has subsequently become known as “currency trade” (Forex). In the exchange of currencies, the exchange rate depends entirely on market demand and supply for a given currency rather than on the equivalent of the currency in gold.

Forex (Forex) appears to be an interbank exchange market at prices that depend only on demand and supply. Each modern bank has its trade union for Forex.
In recent years, the currency market for Forex has gained very high turnover in Russia and Ukraine.
A lot of people, inspired by an advertisement on TV or on the Internet, decide to try their forces as a trader on Forex, starting to sell without knowledge, making this very big mistake.
I'll trade for Forex without pre-preparation, you can only compare to lottery! According to the statistics, only 10% of the traders on the plus. I mean, out of 100 trailers, Only 10 earns on Forex.
On the Internet, you can find a lot of information about the Forex earnings. You'll be offered free trade robots that legally have to provide fair wealth. In most cases, these free robots are effective in blending the deposit because they use Martingeil. Also note that most Internet resources Forex - purchased♪ Good advisors or robots to you, if they sell, for a round sum, but you must already be a trained trader to distinguish a quality product.

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