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What's a corn sale?

The Rainca is a basic metaphor used in marketing and advertising when it comes to sales. The main idea of corns is that the sales process can be divided into separate stages, each of which requires individual analysis and planning. At each subsequent stage, the number of potential buyers tends to decrease, which justifies the term and its visual interpretation.

Classic stage of sale

Visually, the voron is portrayed as a simple hystogram, which is susceptible. Ideally, the hystogram is a pipe rather than a grape, which means that the number of lids is equal to the number of buyers.

Naturally, the carrots are different for each single company: more phases are required for the sale of some goods and services, for others, less. We'll look at one of the most common models of sales:

1. Target audience and marketing campaigns. At this stage, it is important to assess the expected size of the target audience for your goods or services, as well as to consider marketing campaigns.

2. Lydia. At this stage, you can assess the quality of the publicity campaigns conducted as a whole or the specific proposal (i.e., the percentage of each proposal received will vary). This will lead to some conclusions: for example, which campaigns should be invested primarily in time and finance.

3. Lid qualification. An important step: first, it defines what kind of product or service the leather is interested in; second, at this stage, the cost of the purchase that the leather will make can be more accurately estimated.

4. Sale. At this stage, the sale of goods or services is imminent. Also discussion of the final value of the goods/services (if relevant to your business).

5. Clients. The stage where your leader turned into a client by paying for the goods or services.

6. Customer retention. The retention of old clients is often more cost-effective and efficient than the involvement of new buyers.

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