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20 to 30 years ago, only units could afford it. The number of such places (at that time) was limited. The names of writers of the Writers Union have made their sons and daughters secretarial so that they don't have to go to work every day.

Each member of the JS had the right to have one or more personal secretaries for all small errands; this could be compared with today ' s deputies.

In addition to the traditional Writers ' Union, a mysterious literary trade union has been specially established so that its members are again employed and can freely dispose of their time. It was almost impossible to get a man off the street.

But times change. There's no such thing as the labour book. There's no danger of putting you in jail for being a tune, if you haven't been there for months. And remote homework, thanks to the widespread dissemination of computer technologies and the Internet, has long become a common feature for translators.

In addition, it has become apparent that this form of employment is far from as attractive as it may appear at first sight.

Let's try to look at the pros and cons. Remote work for vocational transfer.

1. The main plus (but it's partly and minus) is that you don't need to get up every morning and run to work for a time-bound, afraid of being late, whipping in a bat full of subways, standing in traffic, etc.

What's the minus here? Yes, because the result is a disturbance of the labour and life rhythm to which a man who goes on duty every day is used. The rhythm of sleep and rest, the rhythm of food.

There is a lack of communication, which has been filled through communication with colleagues in the field of work with which the medium-statistic homo soveticus has generally spent more time than family and friends.

Not so important. psychological handling a clear shift from home to service and vice versa. Life as a whole turns into monotonous, indivisible booths: computer, kitchen, computer.

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