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Internet Remittances For Starters

Every year, Internet money is getting a lot more popular, and it's because of its simplicity and accessibility. Now, the Internet is practically in every house, so you don't have to go anywhere or go, even if you move or travel, you'll stay behind you because you can work on another hemisphere.

Also, it's a great way of working, which won't take you long. One of the simplest ways of earning on the Internet is the cash on the clicks.

How much can I make?

In order to make no special knowledge on the clips, you just need to click on ads and perform small tasks that are essentially not complex. Depending on the time spent in the day, you can earn between 30 and 500 roubles, very good for extra money.

Best processing sites

We invite you to consider a collection of the best deposit sites on the Internet. They were selected according to different criteria, but the main were: payworthiness, trust and seriousness. So let's see:


One of the most popular earning sites. One month from 1,000 to 4,000 roubles, depending on the work done.

All you have to do is register on the website and perform various tasks of choice, such as visiting the designated sites, reading letters, testing, website registration, various tasks in social networks and many others.

It's pretty clear, and if there's any questions, there's a lot of videos online that can help solve everything.


It's a pretty young wage service, but the young doesn't mean quality, but rather vice versa. By working with this service, you will not encounter harmful websites, the server has protection against the carcass, and Seo-Fast works on 10 payroll systems, which is certainly user-friendly.

The main activities on the website are surfing, assignments, letters and texts.


One of the best wage services. Working for over 10 years, Wmzona has been able to claim to be a reliable assistant for Frilancers.

Besides, you can easily find yourself a shower, there's also a lot of useful information about sites and their promotion.

Mostly you can find yourself in six activities, such as site searches, various assignments and others.


It is said that the site is a leader in dollar earnings, which cannot be unwelcome given the currency market.

It's quite simple to use and again without a special effort: just a click on the websites, you'll earn the price.

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