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Domestic Money

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With every day, more people need more money to survive an unsuccessful time. The most advanced hope is to make money through the computer and the Internet. Most do not have sufficient skills to do so. So they're trying to find extra money in the environment. And those and others, first and foremost, meet blatant fraudsters and not very clean people who will not only make money, but will also deprive you of the last available. We look at some of the most common forms of deception, i.e. where money cannot be earned, but also the easy loss of available financial resources:

Can we make money in financial pyramids?

The subject of financial pyramid is very old and very familiar. They also meet in normal life and prosper on the Internet. Millions of people have lost a lot of money and even property in them, but they don't want to get rich easily. Remember, pyramids only make money for organizers, small rabbits move to people who joined at the beginning and left the pyramid in time, and the rest just lose money.

Domestic production or doubtful offers of money.

At this point, they usually offer to produce candles or grow mushrooms. Many years ago, there was still a hypsolite stove production. Other proposals are likely to emerge in the future. The point is that domestic production is extremely difficult or even impossible, or products do not use the demand. Organizers don't make money on what you're making. Their earnings are to sell you equipment and basic materials. As a result, the vast majority never earned more, but only spent money, often the latter.


In this case, it is not difficult to offer. homework: cutting labels, glue of envelopes, collection of pens. ♪ ♪

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