Programmer Remote

This vacancy provides for completely remote employment.

ICRA creative agency - we are building, popularizing and strengthening brands on the market.
Our work is based on ideas that are admirable, unique, revolutionary. That's what every project is built on. Our goal is to make better decisions within the industry.

IKRA is now looking for a strong web programmer in a new and interesting project.

We're looking for a responsible programmer with a wide range of views and experience of at least two years.

Such a programmer can not only programme, but also Standardizationcan read someone's code and de facto it.

Our programmers are carefully reviewing their work, as well as able to document programme products.
Our new colleague is ambitious, committed and committed. He wants to grow up all the achieve its objectives.


  • Extensive experience with website development from 3 years
  • learning to read someone's code and figure out what he's doing.
  • design skills
  • ability to document the code and create documentation for the use of the policy decision
  • deep knowledge PHP5.5 + MySQL, complex requests and knowledge of implementation
  • basic or deep knowledge PHP7 + MariaDB
  • excellent HTML5 / CSS3 / media-query
  • good JS at your own code level
  • knowledge of the possibilities of modern gadgets and the ability to implement the code to these possibilities
  • Skills to understand and prepare TK based on requirements
  • The desire to be self-imagining and to take the initiative
  • high degree of responsibility for time and resources
  • knowledge GIT / Bitbucket
  • English at the technical documentation reading level
  • Maintaining an online minimum of 4 official days a week and at least 4 hours between 11 and 19 hours

  • Netcat or Bitrix will increase the volume of work and pay (usually have certificates)
  • Confidential knowledge of Wordpress, SquareSpace and eCommerce, e.g. Ecwid, can increase the volume work and wages
  • Agile / Scrum methodologies
  • experience with XML / REST / SOAP
  • experience with API popular services / integration with 1C
  • No extraneous projects (if you want to work more, we have more than you're supposed to be)

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