Чак Паланик Удушье 2003

Frilans Journalist

Где найти работу журналистом?The heroes of this article are journalists, copybooks, PR specialists and anyone who likes to write a lot, interesting and earning decent money.
In a month of hard searches on the Internet, many popular places have been found where journalists can find jobs.
These include not only forums, but also thematic sites, portals and professional networks of journalists in the Living Journal.

Practice shows that today the Living Journal has become a source of interesting vacancies for journalists. The following is a list of communities in which
worthy proposals in the field of journalism:

Как заработать на хенд мейд в Интернете?Interesting work by a journalist can be found in professional forums. It is also possible to communicate and develop useful links that can help in the future to find
Proper vacancies and interesting proposals for cooperation.

  • Forum is a popular forum for a popular advertising site. You can find a job. Journalist, copirate, content manager, PR specialist. Most of the vacancies are “office”, but telework is also available.
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