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Off-Site Work

Part of the job search code
Most of the questions from our users are clear, such as " Why is the employer not answering me " or " How to make a good summary? "
But there's a very unusual, capable of running the level of anyone who's at least once. looking for work on the Internet.♪ That's what we tried to collect in this note, inspired by an example.

♪ Is there a black list of prospectors and employers?
No, there's no blacklist. He's not at HeadHunter and, as far as we know, other services, either. In a dispute between employers and co-locators, the job site cannot stand on anyone ' s side, so the parties need to resolve the disputed moments with late co-locators and fantasies -- 99% of which is some kind of offense.
But there are separate blocks for the fraud companies (e.g., trying to sell their services undercover) and fortunately stalkers with different, unimaginable targets.

♪ Will my resume be indexed in searches?
All the summaries are now prohibited for indexing in search systems, even if the visual condition is " visible to the entire Internet " . It'd be great to open them, but for job-seekers, it would only cause headaches (e.g., it'll get away from searchers not immediately after the user wants), so we won't do that. As far as we know, other websites have the same.

♪ How many responses will my company get to the programmer vacancy?
A medium-sized company offering wages slightly above market levels and interesting tasks receives approximately 5 to 7 responses from prospectors a week. Of these, half will be suitable (these may be invited to interview). But in general, the developers prefer the companies to look for them themselves. It means that sometimes it's worth responding, if the job/vacansia has looked, competition will be small.

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