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imageAndroid time is a constant headache. That is why this issue is being discussed without end on such sites as Mobile Nations or XDA Developers - ROM developers and fashioners are trying to find an optimum combination of iron and soft that would work for as long as possible.

For us as producers of high-capacity batteries, it's a good indicator, but according to our gay users, even a 6,400-mach high-capacity battery time for Note 2 is not enough, so today we're gonna forget the batteries as a method of solving the problem and present to your attention the universal TOP 5 tips, which will help you increase your time in the Android phone.

It's not news that in most cases, apart from the Android OS itself, the screen consumes the largest energies on Androids. In the second place, there is the search and use of signals (season and 3G, Wi-Fi) - the phone is starting to consume more energy in areas with poor communication.

На сегодняшний день в мире насчитывается более 900.000.000 телефонов на Android по информации, прозвучавшей на Google I/O 2013, и это число продолжает расти.In order to understand which programmes and processes consume the largest amount of energy on the phone, so many different emotions are needed in the nascent structure-Batarey (or the Na-Earth-Ob of the device-Battery in the early Android versions).

If you have a wish, share your squeaky, we'd love to see your numbers in the commentaries! Don't forget to tell me what your phone model is!

So TOP 5:

1. Standard Power Control Seed Many viewpoints can have a lot of energy, but it is designed to help us quickly and quickly switch off WiFi, BlueTooth, Soul, Sinchronization, etc.image Add this view to one of the working panels:
This function was added to the Panel of the notices (Notification Bar) with the possibility of changing species, which is very convenient!
We also recommend that we try the power of Toggles.

2. Network 3G.
Usually, after the screen, the most power goes on 3G, EDGE and GPRS. To date, the possibility of mobile access to the Internet is one of the main reasons for the acquisition of smartphones, but that does not mean that 3G should work continuously. The 3G may be disconnected from the Upgrading Up-Supplementary Buildings-Mobile Data Networks. Mobile data can be switched off via the Notice Panel. For all the other phones, we recommend the power of Toggles (see 1) - it allows 3G to be switched on by one compression.

Depending on your tariff, this is access control. mobile Internet also help you save not only energy, but also money;

image image
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