Зарубежный интернет заработок

Internet Remuneration

Games on the Internet use crazy popularity, and they can not only play but also make a great profit. You can fight, you can move in, you can cultivate live or vegetable crops, gather eggs, build buildings. Everyone chooses a game of choice.

Настолько все просто?

Game earnings free of investment

It must be noted at once that it is very difficult to earn without investing, because in order to play the best, you will probably need to buy appropriate uniforms or technology first.

Also, if the character you're acting on is much more successful than others, you'll have to show maximum abilities. Having a great hero, with the best skills or weapons, you can sell it very well to the same game.

Main types of game earnings

  • On-line games (sale of gambling, rolling stock, additional resources)
  • Games, with money withdrawal (this is also an online game, but the earnings are just with virtual resources, real money, electronic wallet)
  • Wages, special tournament games (which includes all cyber competitions, world famous games, CS, Dota, et cetera. A prize fund, as well as money from sponsors, always decent.

Let's start from the most profitable, final.

Game wages are real work.

If you spend a lot of time playing some of the popular games, you should think about the career choice of a professional player.
To do this, we need to visit the relevant cyber tournaments, and it's where the sponsors come and invest in players and teams with large amounts.
The M19 team, which became known after the victory in the major tournaments, is such a good example.

online work

Practically in every game, there are chat rooms where players are connected. There are also separate stores, usually in some section, where some artifacts can be bought for their character.

Almost anything can be sold - characters themselves, additional weapons and opportunities, lives, forces and others.

To make this kind of sales, there is a need to have a sufficiently high profile, and for this, the game needs some skills.

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