Заработать вебмани

Web-Based Work

Как обналичить деньги с webmoneyAt a certain stage of work on the Internet, the question arises as to how to get the money off the Webmoney. Today, I want to tell you what ways in Russia and Ukraine can cash their revenues from the Webmoney system.

Money out of Webmoney.

As an option, getting your money out of the e-washer can be done by paying. For example, you can make any purchase on the Internet store. The vast majority of the Internet stores accept the electronic money of the payroll system as payment. In addition, with Webmoney, you can pay for public charges, Internet access, television and mobile communications. This is about one of the possible options for cashing with Webmoney. Now let's see how we can cash Webmani by putting them on the map.

Вывод денег из ВебманиHow to put Webmani on the map.

To get WMR or WMU on the bank card, you need to open a bank account and map.

How to choose a Webmoney bank

When selecting a bank that you want to cash electronic money, you must know what percentage of the commission it takes for money withdrawal from the map, and how long the withdrawal process will take. Some banks charge the commission ' s interest solely with the deductible amount, the best option is a commission of 1 per cent. There are banks that, in addition to interest on cash, pay a fixed fee for each operation, which is not profitable. With regard to time, some banks take the money away from a few minutes to a couple of hours, but there are those that leave for 24 hours or more. Thus, we conclude that we need a bank that will only charge a commission of 1 per cent of the amount deducted and that the entire cash-cashing procedure (from the time of payment of the withdrawal bill to the payment of the card) will not last more than 24 hours. Please also note that the Webmani system itself is recovering 0.8 per cent of the amount claimed.

How to cash Webmani in Russia

To date, Sberbank, Alpha Bunk, TB24, Promslinkbank and Bank Moscow are the most popular banks in Russia. In order to choose the bank correctly, we're going to the official website of every bank where the procedure and the money withdrawal commission from Webmani to the bank pay card will be described in detail. It is also recommended that different forums be read where users share relevant information on this issue. About what banks Webmoney cooperates with, you can find out on the bank page. ♪

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