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Looking For Frilancer's Work

Как работать с фрилансерами. Изображение № 1.Alexander Kutywin

Head of Department of Management
ICD Partnerships

I run a large unit of a large consulting company. It's a duty to work with Frilancers. Impressive. In most cases, these are lazy and undisciplined people. The real professionals are 1 percent, the rest are profanation.

The greatest risk is to hear, in response to objective observations on the quality of the product, the non-conformity of the result of the technical assignment or the interruption of their favourite phrase: " The holder may offend everyone " .

But people are willing to give up money, slap the door, go and not answer the phone, even before the project comes. There was a case when the Frilancer was hired to lead the project, and he successfully took it down. We lost, dissolved the contract with the customer, and then the Frilancer sued us and convicted a million roubles for being like the "Great of Wonders" game, "playing, but not in a single letter. In most cases, the court appears to be on the side of a " wounded " large private business company.

Alexander Gladkov

Как работать с фрилансерами. Изображение № 4.Founder of filecloud file service.me

I've been working hard with Frilancers since 2008, managing a 20-person remote command, creating the largest file host in top-500 of the world's most visited sites. To date, he has launched his own project, filecloud.me. These are my rules of work with remote developers and programmers.

A very important psychological factor: a prepayment must be translated in advance, and a little more than a freelancer expects. Any major task must necessarily be divided into several short-term phases, with the monitoring and payment of each phase.

Как работать с фрилансерами. Изображение № 5.Deadline is a major challenge shared with the Executive. When the deadlines are delayed, we're gonna have to arrange a fine for every day of delay. It's gonna motivate Frilancer to do everything within a specified time. But with this approach, the Frilancer will definitely put a big time pillow in its time frame. In order to nivel this pillow and finish the job even before the granddadline's agreed, we have to appoint a weight bonus for the early ending of work. I'm offering 50 percent of the paychecks for a few weeks. This approach mobilizes Frilancers, and the work actually ends sooner than agreed, because such a bonus we take out the most encumbered temporary pillow.

Как работать с фрилансерами. Изображение № 3. Как работать с фрилансерами. Изображение № 6.
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