То, что фрилансеру легче жить

What A Frilancer

In today ' s world, with the development of the Internet, an increasing number of people are seeking to be independent of the ongoing work on schedule. Being independent means you have a free schedule that you're comfortable with. You can work both in the morning and at night when almost the whole city falls asleep.

Freelance/Frilans. free free and lance A copy) is a process in which the employer (which may be both a firm and a separate person) seeks the perpetrator for his task using the Internet. Frilancer (voluntary mercenary) is a man who works remotely outside the company, a task can be both one-time and multiple on a permanent basis. While working outside the company, he can perform tasks at the same time from different customers (if of course he has sufficient qualifications and a high speed of work).

Most often, there's no intermediary between the customer and the freelancer, except the only one called the Internet. Of course it's a huge plus for both sides. But we'll talk about the plus and minus of Frilancer's work in the next articles.

Frilanza category

I'll give you an example if you can work with texts: writing interesting articles, stories, editing grammar and philosophical errors already written. You can find a job writing websites and get money for it. There are also many major categories in which to try:

1. Disein

  • Web-based;
  • illustrator;
  • Interior designer;
  • 3D Designer;
  • Fletcher;
  • Interface Designer (ui-ux);

2. Texts:

  • Copyright;
  • Relayer;
  • SEO-copier;
  • Textbook;
  • Content management;

I'll tell you that far away, no one can solve and leave the most stable job in the office to become a freelancer because it's a way out of comfort zone. Whether you have a stable job, a stable salary, or if you're going to be in the world. online workwhere only you are responsible for whether you will earn and live dignifiedly, if you can find good orders - 100 per cent of the guarantees in this situation do not exist, there is only a great deal of difficulty and self-reliance.

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