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Extract from Wikipedia: " Haip Projects are fraudulent and have a direct bearing on financial pyramids " That's what it says.

Высокодоходные инвестиционные проекты хайпы

The intent of their work is to invest Internet users with very high interest financial investments for a short period of time. It looks very lucid, and it's kind of erratic. That's the whole point. A man sees that by putting, like, $50, he'll get 100 in two wives. And you know it's real, but it's only in the first time that these investment projects work and if you don't make more than 2-3. Next, your invested money will be threatened.

How long does Hype live?

Usually a few days to a few months. It depends on how much money invested in the project will exceed interest payments. As soon as the deposits shrink, Hype will cease to exist. The Prince of Pyramids operates when the current payment is due to a new investment. At any time, the pyramid is destroyed.

Can high-income investment projects be earned?

We can, but we need constant monitoring to identify newly discovered. They can look like mushrooms after the rain, and the most important thing in this situation is not torn.

Also in Heipa are attracted by their references to outside users. 10% of their deposits will be charged to your account. To succeed in the pyramids, it's necessary to be complete in cold blood and careful. Without a better way of circumventing such earnings and not involving people there. So the attracted users will be fooled by you. And if you're an honest man, how do you move on with it?

Why aren't the Hypes fighting law enforcement?

The point is, the Haip administrators caution that the project is a financial pyramid and can close at any time. They therefore do not violate the law. In fact, they're right-- they've been warned, and everyone's head on their shoulders.

However, the site does not recommend advances in high-income investment projects, and advises that this should be sustained. Internet work

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