заработок Salesdoubler робота

Robot Online Without Investment

# Work on questions and answers Recording here--

The website really pays for questions and answers, but there are some subtle things I'll tell you below.

Ways of earning on the big question:

1. Record, read the rules and begin the case: Ask questions (a limited number per day can be asked) and answer the answers (as far as I know there are no restrictions)

2. Parking program.

It's important! When you answer the questions, you will be careful to ensure that your answer is not less than 200 (because you don't charge credits ) Credits are currency. With 50 credits, they can be ejected into the wallet by webmans/ 1 Credit equals 0.75 roubles with an increase in your credit rating of 0.95 roubles.

When you publish the question, look carefully in the archive if anyone asked the same question before you. If you publish a question that has already been published, the moderators will simply close it. For frequent violations, you can downgrade your reputation on the website. I also forgot to mention: no copypaste. Answer questions in your words. I need to see what a man says, not a "vikipedia." If you're going after the vikipedia turf, you're gonna have to write the answer in your words. It's basic, the rest of you read the rules.


1. Giant plus your questions and answers is what they pay for every day, starting from when you published them. The old-fashioned website, which was used to do a good job, now receives decent money for users to look into their questions and answers. (LAUGHS)

The site itself is a big encyclopedia. issues Human beings and mainly in a language understandable to the person) Not all users are sitting there for money.

2. Parking program. Invite active friends and make a living together! You'll get 10% more of all the credits they'll pay for checking their questions and answers.


1. You won't get a lot of money. We need to put in a good framework of questions and answers to secure high income.

2. Partner program. No minus.

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