работа на дому самарская

Ngs Domestic Work


According to statistics, the number of remote workers worldwide increases by about 20 to 30 per cent each year. The leaders in this area are US, Canada, Finland, Denmark and Sweden. In Russia, employers do not very much like this type of work, but still gradually and here it becomes common. This is facilitated by the development of modern means of communication, such as skip, e-mail, siska, high-speed broadband Internet, allowing the staff member to be at any distance from the location where the results of his/her work are taken. Remote workers must be distinguished from Frilancers. The last fees are paid only on the basis of the results of the work, while the remote employees are staff members, and their payroll is not different from those calculated by their “office” colleagues.

If anyone thinks that a remote employee is given himself - when he wanted to, then he went to work - it's not exactly true.

Removal involves the same 8-hour working day, but without being in the office and without visual control by the employer.

" Housework is an employment that requires computer skills, sometimes even ownership of specific programmes. Examples may include copyrights, text translators, survey participants, remote educators. Specialized online courses can also be conducted and work in a more narrow and applied specialization, such as a web-based dispenser, a web-based converter, a SEO-optimizer, is presented by the head of the International Agency, Kelly Services CIS, Alexander Naumov.

According to her, with proposals Homework It's worth being very careful, because there's a large number of fraudsters that can be identified, most often as required before the deposit.

" Vacancies on the NSG.RABTA portal often indicate the possibility of choosing a place of work for candidates, at home or at the office, as conveniently possible " , is shared by the project manager of the NSG.RABOTA, Julia Solovieva. Julia has observed that remote work is offered mainly by small companies -- Internet resources, design studios, translation agencies. If a large company is looking for a remote employee, it is likely that this will involve some narrow specific activity.

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